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After a busy couple of weeks, stacked with rehearsals, we are now on tour! I realize there is a gap between our last blog post and this one, and if you’re wondering if we ever found our dancers: we did! Joseph Reay-Reid and Alex Parsons are doing a great job, and I am very grateful to Karen Gallagher and Debbie Milner for their help in finding these amazing guys! Joe and Alex have been practically locked up in a dance studio with me and choreographer/movement director Hester Schröfer for a week to put together and rehearse the routines for the show. It has been wonderful to work with the three of them! The new dance routines have quite some lifts in them, and these guys make it so easy for me to jump up in the air and trust them to catch me. Read More >

As soon as Maaike came out on stage for the opening numbers of Moving, James and the Cold Gun and the haunting Babooshka, the audience knoew they were in for a night that went into the realms of performances high art